Student eligibility

  • Between 18 and 21 years old

  • Possess, carry and use an ID

  • Stable health condition

  • Ability to ride public transportation system independently

  • Independent mobility

  • Independent self-care management

Student attributes

  • Ability to spend part of the day unsupervised

  • Ability to work at various independent work sites

  • Adapt well to change

  • Appropriate behavior in community

  • Independent communication skills or assistive device

  • Good time management skills

  • Mastery of basic life skills

  • Excellent attendance record


Applications are accepted from October through February. Applicants must be students with an individual education plan, 18 to 21 years of age, who have participated in a high school program but have not earned a high school diploma. Students from Vancouver Public Schools and other districts (except Evergreen, Camas, Washougal and Woodland) are invited to apply. Students in the Evergreen, Camas, Washougal and Woodland school districts are served by their districts’ programs. Home-schooled students with documentation of a developmental disability also may apply.

For an application, contact any VPS high school or Leslie Morrison at the GATE Program. Applications may be mailed or delivered to Leslie Morrison at the GATE House. Once applications have been screened, families will be interviewed and notified about placement.

Ready to apply?

Download the application

Applications are due 3/02/2020